Washington DC Riots: April 4th 1968











The day Martin Luther king died sparked a movement that rippled across the United States, and ignited a flame inside the citizens of Washington DC.  On April 4th 1968, riots broke out where looting and destruction of the city was a direct reaction to the assassination of Dr. King.

The riots went on for three days, and thirteen people died, and many were injured.  Despite the riots coming to the end, parts of the city that were destroyed remained so for decades, and the economy suffered.

However, the light was at the end of the tunnel, and the parts of the city that were affected have been rebuilt.

The story that I wanted to tell with my photos was one that was not too violent, but could depict the reasons and affects of the riots.  It begins with a photo of Washington DC before the riots took place.  Then, a building burnt to the ground with a policeman in the foreground brings the dynamic of the riots into play.

Than a newspaper article explains what the series of events were, which leads to my next picture with Martin Luther King.  The direct impact Dr. King had on the civil rights movement in the United States also inspired many people to fight for equality, displayed by the freedom writers holding signs.

The riots are a direct correlation to the civil rights movement, and I want to research this further.  The impact that the riots had, other events and protests, and more of Dr. King’s work are all things that are an important part of US history.

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